Many people think that web design is only about the design, the aesthetic component, or the graphics that you put on your page. Perhaps you think it is about the logo or the colors that you choose to use or the arrangement.

While all these things are important from a visual standpoint, and there is research to show there are certain places that you should put your logo to attract the best visitors, your design alone does not a website make.

We’re talking about UX (the user experience) and UI which is the user interface. Both of these things, along with your page’s responsiveness (especially on mobile devices), have become of more paramount importance than even the visual graphics or other material you use on your website. 

Luckily, at All-in-one Business Solutions, we are well aware of all the components that make a great website and that make it user-friendly. We know what Google wants regarding mobile-friendly site content, and that you must provide the customer and visitor with the best user experience possible.

It’s all about the customer journey and we know how to get your customer there, one step at a time.

Ask about our web design services, and we’ll get started building your new home on the web. Remember your website is a door to your business and a handshake that you can’t give them in person. We can provide the means to do just that and create your virtual real estate.

Remember, it’s not about web design. It’s about the customer journey. But every factor is essential.

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