Case Study: How I Helped My Cleaning Company Client 6x Her Monthly Revenue In Just Three Simple Steps.

Michael Barros,

Client Acquisition Expert at Business All In One

Before I worked with Dasha, her cleaning business was virtually unknown in the online space – as in, page 10 of Google levels of unknown. No organic traffic Whatsoever (see screenshot below, taken from Ahrefs).

She had a small team of cleaners and one company vehicle. She was always unsure where her next clients were going to come from – if at all. 

Fast Forward 12 Months Later…

I implemented my All In One Growth System in her business, and this is what happened:

She hit page 1 of Google for most cleaning keywords in her area.

Keyword Growth- Nice to be clean

Her flow of clients became consistent and predictable. 

The number of organic traffic visitors finding her website on Google Search increased. Her website was now working for her and not just an online business card.

website rankings- nice to be clean

What else happened?


Increase In Monthly Traffic


Increase In New Visitors


Increase In Website Events

With the increase in website traffic, this resulted in more sales and clients requesting quotes for cleaning services.

She was able to completely pay off three company vehicles within one year and expand her team,  

Her business revenue multiplied from $5k per month to $30k

The best part? I want to help you do the same by turning your website into your online asset in just three steps – and today, I’m going to show you exactly how I did it.

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Relying on paid advertising alone causes a long list of growth-killing problems for businesses – it’s costly, it doesn’t give you authority in your niche, and visibility is often poor.

But SEO can overcome all this – it’s cost-effective, the results you achieve are longer-lasting, and it lets you turn your online presence into a business asset.

SEO may seem complex and difficult, but when you have the right strategy, achieving results like Dasha’s cleaning business is easier than you might think. My All In One Growth System simplifies SEO – I’ll show you how.

Strategy Overview

The All In One Growth System is a three-step strategy that simplifies SEO, allowing you to reap all of the business growth benefits.

Step 1: Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

The first step in the All In One Growth System is to identify the right keywords and understand the competitive landscape. This step is crucial as it lays the foundation for all subsequent SEO activities. The aim is to find keywords that potential customers are using to search for services similar to those offered by your business. Additionally, analyzing competitors helps to identify what strategies are working in the market and uncover opportunities to outperform them.

For example, a Google search for “cleaning services” results in 110,000 average monthly searches.

cleaning services keyword search

Versus: A Google search for “cleaning services Edmonton” which results in 320 average monthly searches. This may not seem like much volume but the intent behind that search query is more evident by where the user inserted a location at the end of the keyword phrase cleaning services. 

cleaning services edmonton google example

How to Do It:

    • Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, or Ahrefs to find relevant keywords.
    • Focus on long-tail keywords as they often have less competition and higher conversion rates.
    • Identify keywords with a good balance of search volume and competition.
    • Group keywords into clusters based on intent (e.g., informational, navigational, transactional).

Now that we have identified our keywords we will now move on to Step 2 of keyword research which is to “survey the land” and find your local competitors that are on the top of search results for those keywords.

How to Do It:

    • Identify top competitors in the industry by searching for your primary keywords.
    • Analyze their websites to see which keywords they are ranking for.
    • Examine their backlink profiles to understand where they are getting their links.
    • Study their content strategy, including the type of content they produce and how often they publish.

Do Not Skip Step 1. Effective keyword research ensures that the content you create aligns with what potential customers are searching for, increasing the likelihood of attracting qualified traffic. Competitor analysis helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, allowing you to develop strategies that leverage their weaknesses and build on your strengths.

Step Two: Optimize Your Website Assets

The second step involves optimizing all digital assets to improve their visibility and relevance for search engines. This includes your business website, Google Business Profile, Google reviews, and social media assets. The aim is to ensure that all these elements are well-optimized to provide a cohesive and comprehensive online presence.

How to Do It:

1. Website Optimization:

    • Ensure that all on-page SEO elements (titles, meta descriptions, headers, and content) are optimized for target keywords.
    • Improve site speed and mobile-friendliness.
    • Implement structured data to enhance search result listings.

2. Google Business Profile:

      • Claim and verify the business profile.
      • Complete all business information fields accurately.
      • Encourage customers to leave reviews and respond to them promptly.

For example make sure that your listing details each service that your business provides, just like Dasha’s business below. 

optimize gbp categories

3. Google Reviews:

    • Develop strategies to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews.
    • Respond to all reviews, positive or negative, to show engagement and build trust.

One of the most significant strategies we made to increase Google reviews, was to implement a QR code and landing page funnel for clients to instantly review Dasha’s cleaning service. 

Nice to Be Clean business reviews

4. Social Media Assets:

      • Ensure consistency across all social media profiles (business name, address, phone number).
      • Regularly post engaging content that reflects the brand’s values and services.
      • Want to use AI and get all of your social media content for 30 days done in 10 minutes? Contact us to find out how.

Optimizing these assets ensures that your business is easily discoverable and trustworthy in the eyes of both search engines and potential customers. A well-optimized website attracts more organic traffic, while an optimized Google Business Profile and positive reviews enhance local SEO efforts, leading to higher visibility in local searches.

Step Three: Blog Outreach (Link Building)

The final step is to build high-quality backlinks through blog outreach. This involves reaching out to bloggers and website owners in the industry to create guest posts or secure backlinks to your client’s website. The aim is to boost the site’s authority and improve its rankings in search engine results.

How to Do It:

  1. Identify Potential Blogs:
    • Use tools like Moz Link Explorer or Ahrefs to find authoritative blogs in your industry.
    • Focus on blogs that have a good domain authority and a readership that matches your target audience.
  2. Create Quality Content:
    • Develop high-quality, relevant content that provides value to the readers of the target blogs.
    • Ensure the content is well-researched, engaging, and includes your target keywords naturally.
  3. Outreach:
    • Craft personalized outreach emails to blog owners, proposing guest posts or other collaboration opportunities.
    • Follow up with prospects to build relationships and secure backlinks.

In our outreach efforts, the key to success lies in our ability to incentivize the target site to take action. Just like any other aspect of business, this is achieved through the exchange of value. So in a sense there is no such thing as a “free link”.

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Blog outreach helps to build high-quality backlinks, which are crucial for improving a website’s domain authority and search engine rankings. Backlinks from reputable sources signal to search engines that your site is trustworthy and relevant, which can significantly boost your site’s visibility and organic traffic.

By following the All In One Growth System, Dasha’s cleaning business in Edmonton was able to achieve significant improvements in search engine rankings, leading to increased visibility and 6x her monthly revenue and grow her business.

We have been able to replicate the All In One Growth System in formula in several other niches as well to include contractors (home remodeling), landscapers, junk removal services, e-commerce, technology and transportation.

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