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Search engine optimization (SEO) is at the heart of the search. It is the language the internet understands that brings your visitors to your websites, blogs, and social media pages. Without effective SEO, there would never be a match made between the search of a potential customer and your website. Someone is getting those searches. We can show you how to make it be you!

When the Spiders Come, Will You Be Ready?

The invisible web spiders scour the web at least once every few days to reorganize, rate and connect with your content. The process of using SEO, SEM, and SERP are all integrated within the content that we include while keeping the quality of the content high.

We understand the intricate balance between the use of SEO and excellent content that appeals to both search engines and people. SEO and SEM get your audience to your page your great content keeps them there. We know how to do both, and we can help with your SEO strategies as well as all of the various other aspects of your content marketing strategy.

SEO Citations

SEO citations refer to any place your business location and contact information are found online. Think of this as a reference point from another site also known as external links that point to your site and imply relevance to other content.

When people come to the search engines looking for specific products or services, having actual SEO citations can help you rank higher in the search engines. This can be built over time and it is a part of SEO but there is a specific type of method that is the most effective.

Like backlinks or external links that point to your site from other sources, SEO citations do more than increase your rankings in the searches. They also give you credibility to your site and content, thereby increasing the degree of importance and relevance to components that Google considers key to improving your ranking.

What About Local Citations?

Local SEO citations are also important especially if you are a local walk-in type of business. People need to know what city you are in and if you plan on doing business in your immediate area. Always include relevant contact information and search online for your information if you think some of this is outdated.

To connect it and all the places where your citations lie, it is essential to make sure the information is accurate across the board. If you’re not sure what you have out there in the way of citations and its CEO, contact us because we can find this for you and help you set up a plan to create natural SEO citation results through quotes and other digital marketing techniques.

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