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Digital marketing includes a wide array of services that encompass various types of media, digital assets, and strategies that help increase your brand awareness online.

We have over a decade of experience in digital marketing and we know how to bring it all together in an integrated approach to result in targeted traffic, increased ROI, and top rankings in the search engines. We understand the delicate balance between using keywords and SEO and providing great content that will not only get the attention of people in searches through the algorithms but keep them coming back for more. 

How do we do it? 

We use the talents and creative ideas of our design team, web design engineers, and media experts to formulate a plan to build your brand from the ground up. Through a highly creative but systematic approach, we can compile all the elements and an effective digital marketing plan for your business, then customize it to meet the needs of your customers and business. 

An effective digital marketing plan can include any or all of the following types of media.

Video ads and explainer videos

  • Video ads and explainer videos- Creating effective video ads and explainer videos help you to speak directly to our clients through live action video, or you can create a whiteboard or character animation to create your story that you share with your audience. Explainer videos can be very effective when presented using animation.

Podcasts and radio ads

  • Podcasts and radio ads- You can create short podcasts or audio clips that can be heard on a multitude of formats and platforms. Create or embed a link to a relevant podcast within your blog and ask people to subscribe to your podcasts or blogs.


  • Infographics- Infographics have proven to be quite effective with people who are visual and prefer to see facts, figures, and graphs in a colorful format. Infographics are usually larger images and graphics that grab the attention of your audience because they are based in data but illustrated to them in a picture.

Photos and product images

  • Photos and product images- Photography is important and should be done as professionally as possible. When advertising new products, show several images of the product from different angles so that potential customers can see the quality of the item they are getting. Descriptions are also important and should use some of the same keywords that you are planning to use on other platforms for your brand.

Webinars and live broadcasts

  • Webinars and live broadcasts- Webinars and live video or audio broadcasts are not something a lot of business owners choose to look into, but it is possible to create live streams on Facebook or create a podcast using simple audio recording software. We can show you how to do this and how to include it as one of your digital assets.


  • Ebooks- If you have never considered writing an eBook, why not do it now? Ebooks can be used within your digital marketing plan as well as in your leads generation plan. People love to learn new things, especially when it centers on a topic they are interested in. You may be able to attract new customers and followers by writing an eBook in which you show that you are an expert in your field. This also helps increase credibility for your brand and can increase your ranking in Google due to the outbound links to your eBook.

We’re not saying that you have to use all of these forms of media or digital platforms to be successful. Even using one of them is a great thing. But using all of these media together results in what is often referred to as a content marketing plan, using various types of content to build a brand image. When you are consistent with your message across all kinds of media and platforms, you will become more present in the minds of your target audience, and a sense of importance for your brand will result.

 Additionally, the consistency factor itself works in your favor by being present in so many places. People tend to choose your brand over competitors’ because they find you first and have the impression that you are essential.

It also looks like you are busy, creating content that is valuable to your client base. This can improve your image in the minds of your customers and help you to gain the respect of the most skeptical followers.

 All of these factors are important when building a brand, and we do it all.

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